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Our Prestige Car Services

  • Personal Contract Purchase

    PCP is an increasingly popular choice for car finance. It offers the best in flexibility at the end of the agreement, together with low, fixed monthly payments.

  • Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase offers a straightforward way to spread the cost of a new car. You have a fixed rate of interest with fixed monthly payments, making budgeting simple and easy.

  • Hire Purchase With Balloon

    Hire Purchase with a balloon offers greater flexibility than normal hire purchase. You pay lower monthly fixed payments and at the end of the agreement, you can make a final lump sum payment to own your car.


  • Hire Purchase With Balloon (Lease Purchase)

    Hire purchase with a balloon offers lower monthly payments than normal hire purchase. Instead, at the end of the agreement, you can make a final lump sum payment (or 'balloon') to own your car.

  • Balanced Payments Plan

    Balanced Payment is a finance option for contracts over £25,000, with the advantage of fixed monthly payments. However, unlike Hire Purchase, where the interest is fixed, balanced payment plans track changes in the finance house base rate.

  • GAP Insurance

    Car crime is an unavoidable statistic - one car is stolen every minute. Over a third of vehicles are never found, and over half a million vehicles each year become total losses. The right insurance for your new prestige car is crucial.

  • Insurance

    Prestige Car Finance is happy to recommend MRIB Insurance services as we have found their levels of customer service and competitive quotes hard to fault over the last few years.


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